Neck stretches – the third set of exercises in the active sitting program part III

Neck Stretches in the Active Sitting Exercises

In the previous post you were introduced to two simple neck stretches and mobility exercises. Please be sure to review the general guidelines about spinal movement before continuing with the next set of exercises. As a quick reminder, avoid head movements in more than one direction. That means you only tilt your head but don’t turn it at the same time. Don’t try to mobilise or do neck stretches were you are twisting and turning or rolling the head.

Ear to Shoulder Neck Mobility

neck stretches

1. Start with the head being upright, shoulders are back and your back is straight, rest your hands in your lap.
2. Drop your head away sideways, bringing the ear towards the shoulder. Make sure to keep the chin up.

• Perform this 3 to 5 times on each side

Neck Stretches:
1. In order to stretch the neck muscles while doing the above exercise, drop one hand down and let your arm hang along the body.

2. Now drop the head away from this side towards the opposite shoulder. By pushing the hand towards the floor, you can increase the stretching feeling.
Again hold this position for about 10 seconds.
• Repeat 3 times on both sides


neck stretches

1. Pull the shoulders back. Make sure not to arch the back. To ensure a good spinal position, keep the tummy muscles tight.

2. Push the shoulders forward, letting your hands rest in your lap and round the back a little. Extend your arms out forward and stretch the muscles in your shoulders by pushing your arms forwards

3. Shrug the shoulders pulling them up to the ears as hard as you can. Hold this position for 3 seconds and then relax. Avoid holding your breath.

• Repeat all of the above 3 to 5 times

Look out for Active Sitting Part IV for more exercises.